Commercial Paper Shredder

Whether you are an individual running a one person company or have multiple locations, in today’s world of Identity Theft the best way to protect you and your clients – sensitive information is to have it PULVERIZED by a commercial paper shredder like A Plus Shredding.

A Plus Shredding has been providing safe and secure commercial paper shredding for businesses across the Southern Indiana and Louisville area for over ten years, using the latest technology in shredding equipment.
We come to you- We provide the containers!

Best of all, we provide the locked security consoles to safely dispose of your paper at no charge and can come to you with our Onsite Business Service, empty the shredding containers, and on a regular scheduled basis or just one time, safely destroy all documents and information that you no longer need to store. We do not provide containers for one time purges.

Why Hire A Commercial Paper Shredder?

Let’s face it, as business owners maintaining your customer’s privacy begins with safely securing and protecting documents you may have on file. So why take the chance, especially with documents that are no longer needed?

• Affordable pricing
• No contracts to sign
• Secure document destruction- onsite.
• Certified, professional and reliable staff
• Flexible scheduling
• No surprises on your invoice.

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