Hard Drive Destruction

How to Destroy a Hard Drive

Do you have a pile of old hard drives you no longer use? Think it’s safe to toss them into the trash or donate them to a recycling center? Think again. If the sensitive information on those old hard drive falls into the wrong hands, you are exposing yourself to potential data breach threats and serious loss of revenue. Do you have any idea how to destroy a hard drive? If you answered, “yes, with a hard drive shredder!”, then you’re in luck. Unless your firm doesn’t own a hard drive shredder? How do you destroy hard drives and handle hard drive disposal without the appropriate tools and processes in place?

Data Destruction You Can Count On

Your company is responsible for not only your internal data security, but also the security of your clients’ data as well. If the responsibility of shredding customer data also falls to you, our Certificate of Destruction is exactly what your firm needs to give your clients peace of mind that data destruction was done right. The certificate even provides the evidence you need for an audit.

We destroy old hard drives at your work or home. Customers are welcome to witness the process. We handle the full cycle of data destruction, including disposal, and all metal pieces are recycled. Our customers get the peace of mind knowing that their data was properly destroyed without the associated difficulty of ensuring internal compliance directives were followed.

We are experts at every step of the hard drive destruction process:

  • On Site destruction
  • Rigorous destruction processes that ensure that data is completely eliminated
  • Certificate of Destruction for audit purposes
  • Customer testimonials that speak for themselves

We can handle all of your hard drive destruction needs, and in turn, provide you with peace of mind for both your internal data security, and for your clients’ compliance needs.